You Do Have Options To Consider:



Taking responsibility for your actions and providing support for your child is a noble and commendable action. This choice takes into consideration what is in the best interest of the child, when the decision has not yet been made to marry your girlfriend.



For some couples, committing to each other in marriage, wanting to be a family and working together is the best option in these circumstances. Every child has the right to have both a father and mother in the home.



When you feel like you don’t “have it together”, but you want to do the right thing, placing your child in temporary foster care might give you time to put the framework for parenting your child into place.


This choice is one that considers the care of your girlfriend, your child, and yourself. When a final decision whether or not to raise the child has been made, you can work this out without the pressure you were once under.



You could abandon your girlfriend, though this is not an honorable decision. You may feel that you have an education to think about. Maybe you want to see the world. Will you feel proud of this decision in years to come?


Our actions have consequences and responsibilities. Have you ever felt abandoned during a difficult time in your life? Your girlfriend and your baby need you now. Whether you want this baby or not, whether you love this woman or not, you are still a father. Maybe your father was not available for you. You can break this pattern of abandonment with this relationship.



Adoption is a loving, unselfish choice. Depending on the circumstances involved, this difficult decision may the best one for your baby. Perhaps your girlfriend may decide that this option is the one she wants for the baby and you feel like your baby is being abandoned. Consider this, adoption is making a plan for your child that will give it the future you may not be able to provide.


Adoption agencies and attorneys thoroughly screen families. Adoption has changed for the good. Open adoption allows you to have communications and pictures of your child. If you want, you can register with the state so that your child can find you when he/she turns 18. What would you say to your child when he/she finds you? You have 18 years to think abut this, but you might begin with, “Your mother and I loved you and chose to give you a chance at a wonderful life.”



This option carries possible traumatic consequences, not only for the baby, but also for the mother and father. This may seem to be an option that hides the fact that your girlfriend is pregnant. You may think that the “problem is gone.” However, evidence-based research has shown that many men and women suffer traumatic consequences called post abortion trauma. They are filled with guilt and shame, regretting the choice they made. This child is a life. It is not an extension of your girlfriend’s body.


Society may tell you that this life is just a piece of tissue and this “simple procedure” will eliminate all your trouble. Really? Be informed and think it through.


Life happens. Mistakes are made. We have to live with our mistakes. A helpful thought worthy of consideration: Which option do you wish your parents would have made for you?

Whatever your decision, Life Choices of Central Michigan will be there to help you through this time. Whether we are giving you community service referrals, walking with you through a pregnancy, or just providing a pregnancy test and some information, we want you to know that the door is always open for you to come back to the Center for help.



You may be feeling angry with yourself or your girlfriend for a variety of reasons. Anger can be a very normal emotion in association with the consequences of our own mistakes. Anger is not wrong to have as long as it is kept under control and does not endure for an endless time period. It is part of a grieving process when dealing with a loss. You may feel like your carefree youth is gone with the coming of parental responsibility.



You may be resenting the fact that your girlfriend is pregnant and feeling that it was all her fault. Building a wall in your relationship at this time is not a good idea. You both have choices to make and can probably make better decisions together than apart.



You may have tried to control your hormones and impulses, but failed miserably. Considering the consequences of fatherhood can be devastating for a young man.



How will I support this child? What will my future be like having a baby at an early age? What about my career? These are questions you may be asking yourself.



A variety of feelings and emotions are stirred when our lives are suddenly changed. We believe nothing comes as a surprise to God who made us. Certainly an unexpected pregnancy may be troubling for a young man and woman, but we believe no problem is too big for God. Is it possible that God wants to be included in the decisions that we make?


The peer counselor meeting with you at Life Choices would welcome the opportunity to pray with you, but certainly there is no pressure. This trained client advocate is there because they believe that God has a great plan for your life, and they want to help you find that plan. We are a faith-based, Christ-centered helping agency, committed to helping you in every way possible, and also committed to honoring whatever faith position you hold. We are here if you want to share what you are feeling.


What are my rights? Toward a better understanding…


Our culture is changing. Many men are taking on roles that include more child-rearing responsibilities. However, if your girlfriend or wife is pregnant and decides to have an abortion, you have little opportunity to influence her decision. In one national poll, it was found that over 80% of the population thought a man should be able to express his ideas. Yet, in the abortion arena, male input has little significance. This has given men a sense of powerlessness.


What is a guy to do? Let your partner know that you want to have a role in her decision. The most wonderful thing that you can do for your baby is to be committed to its mother, your partner. This is no guarantee that your partner will make the decision to carry your baby to full term. It will give her some sense of relief, knowing that you will support her in the decision to have this baby.


What if you want your girlfriend to abort this baby? No one can force a woman to have an abortion. Legally, this is her choice, alone. She will bear the weight of her decision for the rest of her life. This child is a separate entity with DNA that makes it a unique person. Seek some counseling from people who care about you, your partner and the child in question.


What if your partner wants to place this child for adoption? You need to think about what is in the best interests of your baby and your partner. Can you support this child if you have not finished your education? Can you give your child everything you want it to have, such as a stable home environment, love and a safe place to live? What do you want for your child to experience? What kind of family do you want your child to grown up in? These questions are good to think about whether you raise your child yourself or place it with an adoptive family.


You must be made aware of the fact that there is a baby and it is yours. If you doubt that you are the father, a DNA test can be done to determine the likelihood of this. Whether you are the biological father or not does not devalue this baby as being human. Person-hood has been given to the unborn child and the law protects those rights, as well as the rights of its mother.


As the biological father of a child, you do have rights concerning the adoption process. You must sign a form called a surrender giving permission for your partner to place your child with an adoptive family. If you no longer have a relationship with the mother, you still must be made aware of her plans and every reasonable effort must be made to contact you and alert you to the plan being made to place your child in an adoption process.


If you have not had contact with the mother throughout the pregnancy, you may lose any rights to influence the decision. A judge may determine this.


Through the whole process of coming to grips with an unplanned pregnancy, we commit to stand by you and to help you find the best option for you.


Our goal is to serve you with compassion, listen to your concerns and provide you with accurate information.


This information is intended for general educational purposes only

and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional medical advice.

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